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Why You Should Purchase Toilet Paper from Your Cleaning Company

May 30, 2024

As a manager responsible for maintaining a clean and well-stocked facility, you likely oversee purchasing restroom supplies such as toilet paper, soap, paper towels, trash can liners, urinal screens, and air fresheners. This involves scheduling deliveries, checking prices, managing inventory, and reviewing invoices. Although these tasks are essential, you can simplify your workload by allowing your janitorial company to handle most of it.

Here are three key reasons why buying your restroom and other disposable supplies from your janitorial provider makes sense: pricing, efficiency, and convenience. 

Reason 1: Pricing

Janitorial companies often buy large quantities of supplies from distributors, giving them greater purchasing power than individual businesses. This bulk purchasing often allows them to secure lower prices, which means your janitorial provider can offer you competitive pricing, possibly even lower than what you are currently paying. By leveraging their economies of scale, you can benefit from reduced costs without compromising on quality.

Reason 2: Efficiency

Managing an adequate supply of restroom products can be cumbersome. It involves regularly checking storage areas, ensuring the correct dispensers are installed, and scheduling timely deliveries. Your cleaning company, however, is already familiar with your storage areas and uses these supplies daily. They are in a prime position to monitor stock levels and know exactly when to reorder. By letting them manage inventory and purchase supplies as needed, you eliminate the hassle and ensure that you never run out of essential products.

Reason 3: Convenience

Using your janitorial company to purchase and manage supplies offers a significant convenience advantage. Reducing the number of vendors you deal with simplifies your processes. You no longer need to manage multiple inventories, place orders, approve prices, or handle numerous invoices. In the commodity market of supplies, where prices are generally similar, convenience becomes a key differentiator. Allowing your cleaning company to take on this responsibility will make your job easier and more streamlined.

Next Steps

If you are currently buying restroom and disposable supplies from a separate distributor, consider discussing this with your janitorial provider. Ask them if they can supply these products and request pricing for comparable items. Also, inquire about how they can simplify the process for you. By making this switch, you might save money, but you will undoubtedly enhance efficiency and convenience.

In conclusion, entrusting your janitorial provider with the responsibility of purchasing and managing your facility’s restroom supplies can lead to cost savings, improved efficiency, and greater convenience. This strategic decision allows you to focus on other important aspects of facility management, knowing that your supply needs are in capable hands.