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Take A Deep Breath

When your office is truly clean, you’re healthier and happier.

Electrostatic Disinfection Services Offered

The most thorough and efficient way to disinfect facilities. Email for pricing and scheduling

True Cost

We don’t use gimmicks or surprise you with extra charges. We know the importance of keeping our services affordable.

True Character

We are proud of our cleaning staff. Everyone is trustworthy, has a strong work ethic and cares about our customers.  They all pass several reference checks and criminal background checks before starting work.


True Chemicals

We don’t use cheap sprays that have health risks when left on surfaces and in the air. We use proven products that kill germs and leave your office healthy for you, your employees and your clients, too.


True Coverage

We carry $2 million in general liability insurance in addition to our workers compensation insurance and keep current with all taxes.  We make janitorial service risk-free for you.

True Clean

The greatest civilizations on earth all put an emphasis on cleaning that was unmatched by their rivals. Egyptians, Babylonians and Romans gave high offices and places of honor for people who cleaned their important places – this made them healthier, stronger, and more civilized. It’s innovative and forward-thinking to invest in clean. Give us the honor of cleaning your building!