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Debunking Common Myths About Cleaning Companies

April 29, 2024

When it comes to janitorial services, there are several myths and misconceptions that people commonly believe. These myths can lead to poor decisions when choosing a cleaning vendor, potentially resulting in unsatisfactory service. It’s important to set the record straight, so let’s bust four of the most prevalent myths about cleaning companies to help you make more informed choices and maintain a harmonious vendor relationship. 

Myth #1: Bigger Companies Are Always Better

The idea that ‘bigger is always better’ doesn’t always hold true in the janitorial industry. While it’s true that very small companies might lack the resources to handle large facilities effectively, being large doesn’t automatically make a company the best choice. Once a company meets your basic size requirements, bigger does not necessarily mean better. In fact, some large companies might become so preoccupied with expansion that they lose touch with the needs of their regular, local customers. The key is finding a company that is the right size to meet your needs but still values customer service and attention to detail.

Myth #2: All Cleaning Companies Are the Same

On the surface, it might seem like all cleaning companies do the same thing, much like gas stations all appear to offer the same services. This myth can be misleading. Cleaning companies differ significantly in the quality of their staff, the effectiveness of their training programs, their approach to quality control, and how well they respond to client requests. While basic cleaning services might be similar, the quality and value offered by different companies can vary widely. You definitely wouldn’t want just any company handling the cleanliness of your facility.

Myth #3: Anyone Can Clean

Many people believe that cleaning is simple and that nearly anyone can do it—after all, most of us clean our own homes. However, there is a significant difference between domestic cleaning and managing janitorial services for commercial facilities. Professional cleaning isn’t just about the ability to clean; it’s about managing a team, maintaining consistent quality over time, and addressing the diverse needs of a facility effectively. Professional cleaning companies bring value in their management and operational expertise, which goes far beyond mere cleaning. 

Myth #4: The Cheapest Price Is the Best Option

The belief that the cheapest option is always the best choice is particularly common and can be very misleading. While budget constraints are a reality, opting for the lowest bid can often result in subpar service. The cost of a service often reflects its quality, and a suspiciously low bid might mean that corners will be cut. It’s better to choose a vendor that you trust to meet your needs and provide peace of mind. If budget is a concern, consider negotiating with a trusted vendor before automatically choosing the lowest offer.

Understanding these truths about janitorial services can help you steer clear of poor decisions and find a cleaning company that genuinely meets the needs of your facility and maintains high standards of cleanliness and customer service. This informed approach will ensure that you select a vendor that not only cleans effectively but also adds value to your operations.