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3 Denver Janitorial Companies To Avoid

May 11, 2023

Selecting a janitorial company can be a bit like dating. There are some good ones and some bad ones, and if you aren’t careful, you could end up looking for a way to end the relationship. Is there a way to see beforehand whether or not you will end up in a relationship with a cleaning contractor that is doomed to end poorly? What are warning signs? What sort of companies should you avoid?

There are three different types of janitorial contractors you want to avoid. Doing so will keep you from the frustration of breaking up. So when you are searching for potential bidders, try to eliminate the following companies.

The “We don’t have any accounts like this” janitorial company

As a general rule, it is a mistake to hire a cleaning company that does not have experience taking care of a facility like yours. This is especially true if your building is more than just a standard office space. Each facility has unique challenges that require some level of experiential knowledge. Medical, manufacturing, public venue, retail, corporate office, and every other type of facility each have their challenges. A janitorial company not ready for those challenges could result in a failed relationship.

The “We aren’t local” janitorial company

The cleaning industry is very competitive, forcing many contractors to invent new ways to grow their business. Sometimes, this results in companies expanding into new areas. It is good when quality businesses move into a market, but sometimes these new business have no local people to support the new operation. One of the most important elements of a successful janitorial program is local management. If an out of town company does not have this, they likely will struggle to satisfy your facility needs. Lack of local management will likely result in a failed relationship.

The “We’ll take anything” janitorial company

Imagine you were going to build a new house. As you were searching for contractors, two different options were presented. The first is a custom home builder who builds five or six new homes every year. The second was a local handyman who has built a home or two in his career and does anything and everything for his customers. Unless your only goal was to save money at the expense of quality, you would certainly choose the first option. Why? Because the specialist comes with confidence in the outcome.

Similarly, some cleaning companies specialize in doing certain kinds of work. If a janitorial contractor will “do anything,” they are likely not a great choice to clean your facility. Some companies focus on small accounts, others primarily perform project work (e.g. floor care, carpet cleaning, etc.), and some handle mid to large commercial facilities. Selecting the right company for your needs is important. Otherwise, you could be headed for a quick break up.

The Importance of “Fit”

Selecting the right janitorial contractor is all about fit. Is the company in question the right fit for you? Do they service facilities like yours? Do they have local management who can quickly address your needs and concerns? Do they specialize in the type of service you need? When you can say “yes” to these questions, you have a qualified bidder for your facility service needs.